UNIS Spring/Summer ’10

Had I been born a boy, I would have possibly been named Michael or Nick. And if this biological transformation had actually taken place, I would like to think that I would have a similar sense of style to that of the gentlemen in the Spring/Summer lookbook for UNIS: oozing classical sophistication and laid-back elegance as I nonchalantly ride my bike around town in chinos and a button down polo.

In general, I don’t pay very much attention to menswear labels, but Eunice Lee’s designs really caught my eye. I like the idea of a female designing clothes for men and feel that her central principle of “How do I want my boyfriend to look? How do I want my cool guy friend to look?” is an excellent foundation for producing menswear. The photography by Ken Tisuthiwongse also complements the designs beautifully with its light atmosphere, neutral palette and urban scenery.

A very chic girl creating clothes for similarly cool men is a brilliant creative marriage, but I just have one question for the male readers out there: do men wear pink trousers? I’d like to think so.



May 19, 2010