Rebecca Telford

Rebecca Telford is an artist. Her work has a graphic kind of dimensionality that is really alluring to my eyeballs. It’s very clean-looking, which might make it seem a little too precious at times, but when her archi-patterns are rendered in aluminum foil cut with the precision of wood inlay… I can’t find any fault with such cleanliness and simplicity.

The lower image is actually called “Silverlake LA” and makes me think about the history of windows: from mud huts with holes to perforated building skins created by computer scripts. Not that her image really leans toward, or is interested in, one or another, but rather I think about windows because they keep getting thinner. Do any savvy Silver Lake readers recognize the windows? Her print is based on a photograph she took of actual windows, presumably windows in Silver Lake.


May 19, 2010