How Much Longer: Sneaker Edition.

Colorful things can be delightful or acrimonious. Maybe that should be achromonious. I’ve always appreciated a nice contrast lining or colorful sock… but do candy-colored sneakers go too far? In 2008, I bought a pair of fluorescent-yellow vans, convincing myself that because I walked everywhere it was a good idea, from the standpoint of visibility, to buy them. Or maybe that should be walkingpoint of visibility.

Nobody ran over me on the way home from the shoe store.

But as my sunny shoes get ready to stomp out two candles on their birthday cake, I’m more anxious to wear the yield signs on my feet than I used to be. Even companies like Creative Recreation seem to be pushing their hue/saturation slider into a more conservative territory. Maybe this colorblindness is imagined, or maybe we’ve moved on to the exciting world of grey. Or maybe that should be gray.

So do you have some polychrome kicks that you’ll be polishing this summer? or will you walk toward the future in bleached canvas? And how much longer before my eye-grabbing footwear fades into the landfills of Crocs and Uggs. ¬†Or maybe that should be Ughs.


May 18, 2010