Where They Create

While Bobby has been leading a terrifically exciting existence in New York, I have had to make do with travels of the virtual kind and have immersed myself in Where They Create, a creative environments project by Australian photographer Paul Barbera.

Barbera, who predominantly specialises in the photography of interior spaces, provides access into the private and cloistered sites inhabited by a diverse selection of creative types. The series features artists, graphic designers, film collectives, jewellers and fashion designers from a variety of locations, ranging from Australia to Hong Kong to the Netherlands.

There is a lovely intimacy captured in Barbera’s photographs that highlights the beauty of the artistic process, as opposed to the final result. I particularly admire the manner in which his series produces the wonderfully voyeuristic sensation of peering undisturbed into another person’s personal space. Overall, it makes for very inspiring viewing and is a great way to counteract unfulfilled desires of wanderlust.


May 17, 2010