Reed Space & Obey Pop-Up Shop

Yesterday I was walking around SoHo, visiting all the little shops I read about online but have never had the opportunity to visit before. High on my list was Reed Space which is run by Jeff Staple, who in my opinion, is one of the best businessmen out there. Funny enough as I was eating brunch Jeff tweeted that he was in the shop and people should come out and say hi… done and done.

First I hit up the Reed Annex which seems to me like the artsy, gallery side of Reed Space. Currently there’s an Obey Pop-Up Shop in the space right right now which is a mixture of Obey clothing as well as original pieces of art. It was a nice fusion of gallery and shop that worked rather well. I also grabbed the striped Obey t-shirt you see below, which is totally comfy and I might be wearing it right now.

After that I went next door to the main Reed Space and it’s an amazing little shop. It’s filled with t-shirts, shoes, magazines, high end clothes, paper goods, kind of everything and anything you can imagine. I also grabbed the MHI button up above cuz’ I liked that it was a bit more desaturated than shirts I would normally get. Colorful but not candy coated. I also had a chance to talk with Mr. Jeff Staple himself and he was a really nice and genuine guy.

I have this strong opinion that the most successful people out there are those who treat people the best. Sure, you need to have a good sense for business, an eye out for what’s next and so on and so forth, but if you’re shit with people you’re not getting anywhere. The most successful people in the world rely on other people to do things for them. If those people don’t feel like they’re being treated well you’re not getting anywhere. Kind of off topic, but I feel like Jeff embodies this in everything he does.

I also grabbed this book of matches which I thought were funny. If you have a chance to visit Reed Space I’d highly recommend it.


May 16, 2010