‘Sounds Like, An Exhibition’

Last night I went to my first offsite ICFF party which was an exhibit curated by Joey Roth called Sounds Like. The exhibit featured Joey’s amazing ceramic speakers, which you might remember he sent me earlier this year, where he had artists, designers and musicians customize the speakers in their own way. The list of participating artists was pretty amazing, including David Lynch (who did the speakers in the third photo), Matthew Waldman of Nooka watch fame, Tobias Wong, Sruli Recht, Miho Hatori from Ciba Mato, Ben Frost, Matmos and many more.

It was a really fun event and it was wonderful to meet Joey in person, who’s such a talented guy. You can see in the second photo the giant, hand-blown glass speakers he created and I absolutely fell in love with. He said that he didn’t have any plans to make them on a large scale but I think some fancy rich folks would buy these puppies in a heartbeat! I also thought it was rad that the DJ was using a tenori-on Novation Launchpad while to play the music, so much fun. Really nice to meet Matthew Waldman and Michael Surtees, both of whom were really super nice.

I’ve posted more photos from the exhibit as well, so be sure to take a peak.


May 15, 2010 / By