The Land Between Here and Mountains

The Land Between Here and Mountains is a photographic blog collaboration between Jess Gough and Hannah Davies that collates images which capture “journeys rather than destinations; the inbetween.” Creating small wandering narratives, each image is accompanied by a sentence that must include the word “between” to provide an insight into the photograph’s context.

Gough and Davies have curated a project that is unassuming in its beauty and serves as a visual documentation of ephemeral and fleeting experiences. The photographs distill intangible moments, small pauses and instances of ambiguous emotion – private episodes that are not generally privileged and could otherwise pass by unnoticed. As the destination of the photographs is completely irrelevant, the project establishes its own liminal geography that resides in the margins, on thresholds and in motion. What is consistent is a sense of expectancy and hope that is gestated in each photograph; you could seriously get lost in this project.

If you find the central concept of the blog appealing and have photographic work that you would like considered for inclusion, you can submit your images to the project’s flickr pool.

The work featured above is from the following photographers: Anastasia Sukhanova, Mate Ugrin, Dave Geeting and Kimberly Sikyea.


May 14, 2010