Teenagers in Love

Ah, the bittersweet nostalgia of teenage love: holding hands, stomach butterflies, first kisses, pangs of heartbreak, angst-ridden love poems, homemade voodoo dolls…perhaps I am getting slightly off track here?

Teenagers in Love is the brainchild of graphic designer Liam Devowski whose bold geometric motifs have translated perfectly to the vintage-look crew neck sweatshirts of his new clothing line. There is a slightly 80s vibe with the blocks of bright colour and the visual references to BMX; however, the 80s look is given a fresh and punchy twist. No shoulder pads and crazy embellishments, just awesome designs. Armed with the philosophy “to keep the world bright, unique, and freshly dressed”, Devowski’s sweatshirts make the heart flutter like a childhood crush, but without the heartache.

Teenagers in Love plan to branch out into other styles and looks, so keep an eye on their website.


May 10, 2010