The Geometry of Pasta

I snagged the latest issue of Monocle this weekend and while browsing through I came upon this great cookbook called The Geometry of Pasta. Written by Jacob Kennedy and with illustrations by Caz Hildebrand, this book of pasta recipes skews away from the fetishized food imagery that most cookbooks go for instead relying upon bold black and white graphics to illustrate what to do. I think this is a pretty great idea and I’d love to see the idea carried over to other foods. There are over 300 pasta shapes in existence, so I’m not sure what other food could translate so well, but I’m sure some smart individual could think something up.

I’d just like to include one note on this entry to the publichers over at Pan MacMillan. It’s kind of silly to release a cookbook filled with bold, graphic illustrations and not have any good images on the web anywhere. The video above is a really nice touch, but I want huge, hi res images that I can share with people. Really bad marketing, great idea for a cookbook.


May 9, 2010