Space Suit of the Week

If it weren’t for jellyfish, I wouldn’t know about the work of Jeremy Geddes. ┬áNo, not the jellyfish dying in the Gulf of Mexico, but the helpful reader who shot me an e-mail signed jellyfish. So thanks! I’m not sure if Jeremy is related to Anne Geddes of pantyhose-suspended-babies fame or not. But I’m suspicious. They both are from Australia… and that’s a pretty small place, right?

Jeremy used to design video games, but quit to pursue painting full-time. Recently, he’s been painting a series of cosmonauts, which is why we’re looking at his work. In the top image, we have a vintage photo of astronauts Frank Borman, Thomas Stafford, and Jim Lovell floating around in the vomit comet while eating paint from tubes. In the lower image, we have a study by Jeremy Geddes of a writhing mass of weightless bodies for a painting Cluster. They’re related!

Who could resist the alluring and dreamly visions of sleeping astronauts fighting over the last delicious tube of paint?


May 7, 2010