For the Birds

For the Birds: Avian Establishments for the Urban Bird is a wonderfully cute and humorous collaboration between re/find furniture designer Luke Bartels and artist Jeff Canham. Presented by the Curiosity Shoppe, Bartels and Canham have created a small collection of handmade birdhouses that are cleverly designed and feature playful avian-related references. For example, The Condor Club peepshow offers “exotic birds” and “chicks! chicks! chicks!” Conversely, the less “frisky” bird has the option to roost at Madame Cuckoos, the local psychic, or the Swallows Diner, which has the “best eggs in town.”

Psychics and diners aside, the urban bird of Bartels and Canham’s  imagining is, dare I say, a wee bit kinky and degenerate. Fond of bars, liquor stores and cannabis clubs, this bird congregates in the seedy (yes, that was my rather facile attempt at a bird pun) areas of town. I obviously can’t comment on the functionality of the birdhouses, but I love the kitsch quality of the concept and the stunning craftsmanship.


May 7, 2010