Sonny Smith: 100 Records

The folks at Gallery Crawl have produced a short feature that goes behind the scenes of artist/musician Sonny Smith‘s first solo exhibition, 100 Records. When Smith started dreaming up fictional bands and musicians with names like Zig Speck & Specktones, Beachticks, Hazel Shep and Merriweather Bradley – each with their own history and spanning the full spectrum of musical genres – he invited 100 visual artists to create original 7″ album artwork, which are now on display at San Francisco’s Gallery 16.

As if the sheer size and scope of the visual component of Smith’s project wasn’t enough, he has also brought to life the music of his imaginary bands in around 100 recordings that can be played on a jukebox installed in the gallery. Essentially, Smith has constructed a parallel universe that taps into the nostalgia of vinyl artwork and fuses folkloric storytelling and musical mythology in the space of the gallery. You also have to love some of the kooky song titles – I wouldn’t mind having a listen to “Two Dipsticks in Love” and “She Plays Yo-Yo With My Mind.”

100 Records is showing at Gallery 16 until 28 May 2010.


May 6, 2010