Takashi Iwasaki

I was quite excited to see that Japanese-born, Canada-based multi-media artist Takashi Iwasaki had updated his online portfolio a short time ago. He recently participated in the group exhibition Drawing in Thread: Contemporary Embroidery at Mount Ida College, and his newest works continue to serve as exemplars of the creative and artistic possibilities of needle and thread that exist beyond ideas of domestic handicraft.

Specifically, Iwasaki’s hand-embroidered works construct abstract and kaleidoscopic worlds that spring from his own “aesthetic language.” I think that the beauty of his pieces is that they are completely open to subjective interpretation. In the same vein as a private dreamscape, the meaning that I find embedded in Iwasaki’s compositions and fluid shapes may be completely at odds with what another person sees. Irrespective of the personal reading, there is no denying the visual appeal and the gorgeousness of his rainbow-coloured palette.

The embroidered pieces featured are entitled Eiseiearkazaris and Pinapinatamashiihasukozuchi. Good luck trying to pronounce those titles.

May 5, 2010