Lady Gaga’s Next Look

No, No… these images don’t really have anything to do with Lada Gaga… yet. Instead, they are fashion satire from England during the time of the American Revolution. Think of it as look at this f**king hipster from 233 years ago. The satire centered around the trend of high-rolled hair for women that began in France and spread through England, Italy and the Colonies. Controversial, and especially criticized in the British press, satirical cartoons started popping up with unfavorable opinions of the ‘doos.

Demand in the fledgling United States for these massive hairstyles increased in spite of England’s distaste. The very cartoons that were meant to show the absurdity of the hair styles acted instead to distribute the hairstyles into more eyeballs and subsequently onto more skulltops. Because want was high, and because these wigs consumed a lot of resources, these headdresses were fabricated out of pretty sketchy stuff: “pomatum, artificial pads, and hair procured from corpses.” Since when is wearing dead people’s hair ever okay?

Aside from the M. Night Shyamalan movie waiting to happen on your head, these things were heavy and took hours (often alone with a male hairdresser of a lower social order) to fix. This did not make the updo poofs more popular.

And then they died.


May 5, 2010