Mr. Kiji

I’ve got a a couple of artists I wanted to feature back to back, because it’s crazy how similar their stories are, and, I wouldn’t be surprised if they know one another. First up is a fella named Mr. Kiji who was born on the Island of Kyushu in the town of Beppu, Japan, studied Tibetan Buddhist Thangka painting but then went to RISD and graduated from Industrial Design. I know, your life seems sad in comparison, mine too. Now he’s living in New York and making some awesome illustrations like the ones you see above.

I was really taken with his paintings over his other work, which are acrylics on either bristol or canvas. I love how fun and abstract they are, they’re just enjoyable to look at, you know? Be sure to take a gander at the rest of his work, he’s doing some rad work.


May 4, 2010