Aron Wiesenfeld

Here we have another fine artist who goes by the name of Aron Wiesenfeld, a San Diego based artist who first dabbled in comic books and is now a fancy pants painter. I can’t remember who I found him through but I’m thankful for it, his paintings and drawings are meticulous and filled with suspense, mystery and sometimes terror.

It seems like each and everyone of his pieces fills me with some kind of emotion, which is invoked by the looks on the faces of the people in the paintings, their sometimes desolate location or the colors used throughout. They kind of feel like the most complex storyboards ever done which are created for a movie that’ll never be made. There’s also the scale of a lot of these pieces, some of which can be more than 5 feet tall. I’d really love to see some of his pieces in person, I think they’d be incredible.


May 3, 2010