The BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Reading the news about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is something that’s been bumming me out lately, so I felt like touching on it a bit. As I sat down to write about it I thought I’d check out Huffington Post and as of writing this the current headline reads, FISHING BANNED FROM LOUISIANA TO FLORIDA. That’s how huge and uncontrollable this situation is.

Honestly I feel worst for the people of the region, and then of course the wildlife we’re totally fucking over. I just feel so angry at BP and the politicians that made this mess possible. I guess in the larger scale of things we should be mad at ourselves at our dependence on oil, but I’d say that it’s primarily BP and politicians. If they had only put in better backups to prevent something like this occurring, well, I wouldn’t be writing this and things would be peachy keen.

The photos above are from The Boston Globe’s The Big Picture and can help you visualize just how horrible things are looking. President Obama says that BP will be footing the entire bill for the cleanup operation, but I’d still suggest boycotting any BP related locations around the world.


May 2, 2010