My New Painting, ‘Isolation’ by Mi Ju

Last Friday I was browsing Fecal Face’s gallery website looking through their new exhibit which features the work of Korean artist Mi Ju. I had tweeted about the show earlier in the week, remarking about how beautiful the work was, but on second glance I was becoming quite smitten with what I saw. So in a slightly rash decision I decided to purchase the piece above which is called Isolation.

It cost about as much as an iPad but I figured that this was a much better long term decision. She already has a BFA from her time in Korea, she’s currently studying at the San Francisco Art Institute and after that she’ll be going to get her Masters at Pratt. It sounds to me like Mi Ju is going to have quite an amazing career ahead of herself. If you’re interested there’s also a nice article about her and her work over on Fecal Face which you can read here.


May 2, 2010