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‘Gardyn’ by Pogo

I don’t know how he does it, but every time I hear one of Pogo’s creations I get chills and start to smile. You might remember Pogo from his video’s such as Alice or Upular, where he takes old Disney movies and creates songs based off of samples he takes. Well this time around he’s done it all himself, shooting footage and sound from around his mother’s garden as well as using her voice to create his newest video, Gardyn.

Yet again he’s made such an amazing video, but I wonder if he’ll ever create an album of his stuff? The visuals are such a huge part of what he does that I don’t know if it would have the same effect. If you’re curious about the details about the video you can click here and read his blog post about it.


Richard Perez on Friends of Type

Last week over on Friends of Type (the bi-coastal collective of type geniuses) had Richard Perez (aka Skinny Ships) guest post on the blog and I thought he did such a rad job I had to share. To say that Richard killed it would be an understatement. He created all kinds of type-goodness and even did some rad 3D type while he was at it. It’s such a lovely idea to have a guest blogger that has to create pieces of art instead of content. The pieces above are just a few examples, so be sure to check out the rest by clicking here.



This week’s #musicmonday looks quite a lot like last week’s but with a few minor changes in position. What I thought was kind of interesting was the sheer amount of music I listened to. By adding just the top 8 bands I listened to you get 446 songs. If we assume that an average album has 12 songs on it that means I listened to roughly 37 albums in a week, and that’s not including anything that didn’t make it into the top 8. It actually kind of surprises me to see that a person only listened to like 20 songs in a week, I think I’d go crazy. I have a need to listen to music constantly, whether I’m writing this blog post or I’m traveling on the bus.

I mentioned Seabear last week and I need to mention them again this week, you must check out their new album We Built a Fire. It’s a beautiful record with perfect vocals and both upbeat songs and mellow melodies. After that was Ratatat and their new album LP4 which comes out next Tuesday. I’ve talked to a few people about the album and while it might not be anything new and groundbreaking for the guys it’s still an amazing album. They’ve really continued to sort of explore this niche they’ve carved out for themselves and it’s never sounded better.

Be sure to check out the rest of these artists as well if you’re looking for new music, it’s a pretty diverse week. And if you’d like to add me on you can click here.


Ten Minutes

Ten Minutes is evocatively described as “a nebula of art, music, words, thoughts.” What began just over one year ago as a small online music project curated by Joanne Lam has recently developed into a creative collaboration between Lam and artist Kyu Hwang. As the title indicates, each mix runs for ten minutes and encapsulates diverse themes, emotions and moods that unfold as you listen.

While Lam beautifully stitches together different pieces of music to make each cohesive mix, Hwang is responsible for the stunning illustrations that are used as a visual introduction to the miniature opuses. So far, their combined talents are proving to be a most wonderful match. It will be fascinating to see how this project develops. If this doesn’t beat the Monday morning blues, I don’t know what will.


Amazing Sea Creature Videos by MORPHOLOGIC

I’ve always been a fan of sea creatures. Growing up I wanted to work with dolphins and whales and the such, I guess I figured I would end up being best friends with them… Anyhow, I came across these amazing videos by MORPHOLOGIC, A Miami based creative studio that’s run by marine biologist Colin Foord and musician Jared McKay. Together they’re creating all kinds of rad stuff but the videos above are by far my favorite.

Combining their two passions these videos feature local sea critters from the Atlantic ocean, then mixed together with some of McKay’s music, creating this beautiful little vignettes. As you can see I posted four but I wanted to post os many more! To see more of their videos click here.


Space Suit of the Week, etc.

Beau Daniels makes complex drawings, highlighting concealed structures and assemblies. While I’m not always crazy about the embellishments and styling of the drawings, I’m amazed by the technical execution. The above illustration was created for Scientific American, and while it is clearly inspired by the Apollo Space Suit, I’m less sure of how accurate a representation it is. Something looks funny about that glove… maybe I’m just distracted by the astronauts hand looking like a rooster… or his eyeball.

Two other favorite Daniels illustrations:

Creepy Exhibition Preview

The work of Perth-based artist Creepy can be seen on the architectural facades of cityscapes from Perth and Melbourne to Berlin and New York. I have been known to run down alleys with childish glee in search of a glimpse of his distinctive street murals and have had the pleasure of seeing his art in various nooks and crannies, as well as gallery spaces, in Perth. In fact, I have witnessed Creepy in the midst of painting on two separate occasions, but was too shy to approach him.

Yet again making a smooth transition from the street to the gallery, Creepy is currently preparing a series of acrylic paintings on canvas and wooden surfaces for an upcoming exhibition. His unique paintwork, which incorporates an earthy palette and dreamy figures with spindly arms and legs and heavy hearts, is thematically interested in “life, death and survival”, while exploring “the melancholy folk ‘new world’.”

He possesses a style that appears to be at home in the urban surroundings where it appears, while also being strangely detached. There is certainly a sense of magic and otherworldliness that infuses Creepy’s art that I really love…maybe, if I ever see him on the street again, I’ll be brave enough to tell him so.

The pictured artworks are entitled The fear of getting caught and Everyone knows dreams evaporate. For a further sneak peek at Creepy’s latest work, check out his blog.


Watching Evan Hecox Work

A couple months ago the folks at Incase released this video of Evan Hecox working, shedding a little light on his process. It was made because of the collaboration Evan did with Incase and Arkitip on MacBook sleeves and iPhone cases. As I’ve said many times before it’s always so interesting to me to see an artists process, especially one that I’m such a huge fan of. I always knew that he used photos for reference, but it was really interesting to see that he blos up his photos and then almost traces over them. There’s something really precise and mechanical about it that I never realized. I kind of wish they would have shown the whole process but I’m guessing the video would have been three times as long. Nonetheless, it’s a nice peek.