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Put This On: Episode 2 – Shoes

I know a lot of you guys enjoy fashion oriented posts so I thought this video by Put This On could be really informative. Self-described as “A web series about dressing like a grownup” creators Jesse Thorn & Adam Lisagor take you through the basics of dressing right, like this episode which is all about mens shoes.

These guys definitely know their stuff, taking you to shop here in Hollywood called Willie’s, which has been making custom shoes for the past 50 years. They also give you tips on how to properly shine your shoes, a better way to tie them as well as good brands to buy if you’re in the market for a nice, shiny pair of shoes.


‘Red Pleather’ by Pikelet

Taken from Stem, the debut LP from Melbourne-based musician Pikelet, “Red Pleather” portrays an aquatic wonderland where Evelyn Morris and her band appear to be suspended and floating in the water along with jellyfish and other sea creatures. Directed by Aleks Bryant of Aleks and the Ramps, the video evokes a hallucinatory and dreamy atmosphere that is matched by the fluid and cascading tones of the music.

For some reason I feel like this is almost a companion video to Christopher Smith’s “Gently, Gently”, which Bobby previously posted, in so far as they both present imaginary worlds that are captured in glass structures. It also makes me wish that gigs did actually take place in aquariums à la Flight of the Conchords.


In internet years, this video is basically surfing with the help of a rascal scooter. But, knowing how much you guys love useful videos and poetry, here it is: an animated poem! The author is Billy Collins, and that’s his voice in the video, which could be described as wonderfully monotone.

More wonderful, is the accessibility of his prose. However nervous you are about understanding the work of poets, your anxiety will dissipate when you realize you, too have forgotten the quadratic equation, South American geography and the entire existence of particular books (or people for that matter).

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man

As a part of the continued fun of Los Angeles, I’m Yours we’ve got the band Portugal. The Man hooking us up with all kinds of goodies. Biggest and best is that their performing at Space15Twenty this Saturday night from 7 to 10pm and it’s totally free. Not content to end their they’ve also decided to create a totally weird and amazing desktop wallpaper.

The wallpaper is a collaboration between Portugal. The Man frontman John Gourley and his buddy and partner in art crimes Austin Sellers. This is definitely one of the oddest and coolest wallpapers that’s been featured in a while. Part dinosaur part lady face part crystal hide equals… well I don’t know exactly, what do you think? I’m totally in love with the color palette they used though it potentially could melt your eyeballs if you stare at it too long.

A big thanks to Portugal. The Man and Austin Sellers for hooking us up with such rad artwork. For more details on the show this Saturday as well as a cool new music video click here.


‘Rise and Fall: A Concertina of Life’ by Micah Lidberg

My buddy Micah Lidberg just released a new book called Rise and Fall: A Concertina of Life which could possible be better described as a fold out picture book of epic proportion. The whole thing is one long image printed on a folded piece of heavy card that measures over 53 inches. The illustrations inside are filled with hundreds of little critters that have now gone extinct, from dinosaurs to giant sloths to all kinds of unknowable beasties.

It’s now on sale over at Nobrow (who also published it) for only $16.


FOX Sports Statistics Get An Update

I can’t say I’m a huge sports fan, though it’s always fun to watch in groups and live. That said, trying to decipher what the hell all the stats on the screen are can be quite a task, even with those familiar. FOX Sports decided to change that and enlisted the help of Michael Cina and Michael Young to rethink their onscreen statistics, refreshing them and making them ultimately more user friendly.

I think what they’ve done here is completely refreshing and a much needed improvement. The graphics are now bold and clear, combining a multitude of colors, fonts and shapes while somehow keeping it all looking consistent. I think my two favorite elements are the gradient on the penalty alert and the huge Touchdown pop-up. It’s funny though, as I wrote that last sentence it made sense to use web design terms to describe what the objects were. Perhaps the web is starting to bleed over to television or the two are really finally starting to merge?


‘Los Angeles, I’m Yours’ Video Walkthrough

Right before the opening of Los Angeles, I’m Yours on Saturday Anh of Space15Twenty filmed me doing a little walkthrough of the space, explaining the different parts of the show. I thought I’d post this for a couple reasons, like the fact that a majority of you have actually never seen what me moving and talking, thus making me a real life person. It’s also a really great way to see what the show looks like if say, you live in Copenhagen. I’ll be working with another friend of mine to get a little more in depth coverage of the space as well, but I think this is a nice little preview.


Karl-Martin Holzhäuser

My friend Kyle is a huge fan of Pocahontas, I know because he showed me these pictures. At first, I thought they looked like pictures taken by someone after dropping their digital camera, but this is not glitch art. It’s the work of Karl-Martin Holzhäuser, an artist and photography professor in Germany. “The reproduction of the external physical world with the aid of a camera” seems so obvious… it’s just what photographers do: they take pictures of things you can see. False. Karl-Martin clearly doesn’t rely on images of tee-pees, dream catchers, Native American subjugation, et cetera in his work; even my assumption that he used a camera was just wrong.

The “photo-graphs” are just that… trails of light recorded on sensitive paper which is otherwise in total darkness. As cheesy as it sounds to call anything a painting made with light, this might be what they are, because each line and stripe in the above pictures was made by a very controlled brush of light across the paper. (Religious Paintings of Light made with the Colors of the Wind are my favorite kind of Paintings of Light.) So what do we call them: Photographs? Paintings of Light? Pictures? Photo-graphs about photography?

Deciding what to call the images he produces depends on how you see his work. In the artist’s own words: “My pictures don’t show anything apart from themselves.” It sounds straightforward, but gets murky.