Neverend: A Designer Clock Series with UPSO

I’m really happy to announce the second edition of Neverend, my little endeavor with Furni, and this month we’re proud to be working with UPSO. This is by far one of the most amazing clocks I’ve ever seen, but amazing in a different way from our first edition with Dan Funderburgh. This time the “face” of the clock is that of UPSO’s while the two parts of his mustache are the hands of the clock. We’ve also got two colorways yet again, this time around is a bright ass yellow, which is so very UPSO, as well as a natural version for the purists out there.

Here are the details:
– Limited edition of 88 / 44 natural & 44 yellow
– Measure 16″ high x 9″ wide / These are HUGE!
– Laser cut, black acrylic hands
– Solid birch body, handcrafted in Canada
– Battery operated
– Ships Globally

I have to give a big thanks to UPSO for making such an outrageous clock. I know I’m biased because I had something to do with this but I think this is so clever and amazing. You can get one for yourself for $198 and purchasing it in the Furni Online Shop.


April 30, 2010