‘Very Mary-Kate’

While browsing over on Vimeo earlier in the week I came across this amazing video series called Very Mary-Kate which was created by Elaine Carrol. The series follows the (fake) life of Mary-Kate Olsen who decides to move out of her apartment with her sister and strike out on her own.

The series so far is on it’s 19th episode as of this afternoon but so far I’ve found myself laughing pretty damn hard at all of them. I’ve posted my two favorite above, one where she goes on a blind date with Zac Effron and the second she has a bad dream so she visits Body Guard (her body guard) and talks to an evil dragon.

The first few episodes are definitely early on in her character development but she’s now absolutely nailing this weird character. My favorite part is how she holds her face and the slightly odd accent she carries. Anyhow I’d suggest you go watch all the episodes in order if you enjoy the two above.


April 29, 2010