‘Speed of Light’ by United Visual Artists

When it comes to art installations featuring light displays there are few people more creative then the force known as UVA, aka United Visual Artists. Their already huge body of brilliant work has now been expanded with this new project sponsored by Virgin Media called Speed of Light.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of broadband in UK Virgin tasked UVA with creating an installation in a run down old house that would embody the idea of the speed of the internet. So the folks at UVA turned to lasers, a LOT of lasers, to transform the space along with some amazing sound design that would allow visitors to interact every every step of the way.

Just watching the videos above you can see how absolutely detailed they got, like asking people questions with the lasers and then using their vocals later in the space and visualizing their voice patterns in laser form… you still following me? Watch the videos above and prepare to get your mind blown.


April 29, 2010