FOX Sports Statistics Get An Update

I can’t say I’m a huge sports fan, though it’s always fun to watch in groups and live. That said, trying to decipher what the hell all the stats on the screen are can be quite a task, even with those familiar. FOX Sports decided to change that and enlisted the help of Michael Cina and Michael Young to rethink their onscreen statistics, refreshing them and making them ultimately more user friendly.

I think what they’ve done here is completely refreshing and a much needed improvement. The graphics are now bold and clear, combining a multitude of colors, fonts and shapes while somehow keeping it all looking consistent. I think my two favorite elements are the gradient on the penalty alert and the huge Touchdown pop-up. It’s funny though, as I wrote that last sentence it made sense to use web design terms to describe what the objects were. Perhaps the web is starting to bleed over to television or the two are really finally starting to merge?


April 28, 2010