Popshot Magazine

Popshot Magazine is a Britain-based poetry and illustration publication which aims to reinvigorate poetry by freeing it from “the clammy hands of school anthologies and funeral readings.” The freshly-printed third issue features content from over 50 contributors, pretty evenly divided between poets and illustrators, and is called “The Liberate Issue.” If you’re like me, the land of poetry has always seemed a little forbidden; it’s ok to walk through all the obscure references you’ll never understand… but try to glean anything from them. But this compact collection was a much more engaging read than I expected.

The photo above is a spread from the poem Icarus which is the first featured in this issue. To me, this is a really clever way to open this because there’s a pretty well-known poem about Icarus called Musee de Beaux Arts in which the author, Auden, explicates a painting by Bruegel. You might remember this from your 12th-grade literature class, I know I do. But, at the opening of the issue, this pairing is a familiar departure point into a land less forbidding. Some of the poems: Don’t Buy it by Benjamin Heathcote, F-Word by Daniel Kramb and LBR8 by Kelcey Wells. As the titles would indicate, the work featured is relevant, witty and often instructive.

In closing, I’d like to submit a poem from my own 2nd grade poetry book that I think Bruegel, Auden and yourself might enjoy:

Paint is RED
Paint is BLUE

April 26, 2010