Sneak Preview of ‘Los Angeles, I’m Yours’ – Day 2

It’s our second big day of setting up Los Angeles, I’m Yours and things are definitely looking solid. We burnt midnight oil last night and had a lot of help from some of our friends. We had Steven Harrington stop by and drop of some of his handmade teepees, Scott Barry and Neil Doshi dropped by late to provide some last minute help and David from Driftwood brought a ton of great furniture into the space. We still feel like we have a ton to do (of course) but come 7pm tonight it’s going to look soooo amazing!

Also don’t forget to take a photo next to the giant astronaut that Brian Scott created! He’ll be representin’ at the door!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area I hope you can make it out.

1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

7pm to 10pm


April 24, 2010