‘Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo’

I think we’re all aware that Japanese culture is quite different from anywhere else in the world, but I think it’s these quirks that also make them so interesting. Take for example their obsession with insects. A new movie coming out called Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo is about the fascination some Japanese have with insects, and I guess beetles specifically. The documentary actually looks pretty rad if it’s anything like the trailer above.

From a Western point of view it seems kind of weird fascination but it’s a topic that I’m excited to see being explored. Kind of like spelling bees (no pun intended) there’s something so mundane but interesting about these hobbies. Also, is the song a reworking of the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army? It’s pretty rad. They also have one of the best film posters I’ve seen in a while…


April 23, 2010