Video for ‘Divisive’ by We Have Band

Depending on how you look at it, I have a rather charming/unfortunate habit of spontaneously dancing when I hear a song that appeals to my rhythmic sensibilities. Now, I don’t start crumping and thrashing around as though I am auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance, but there is more than a little bit of toe-tapping involved.

Anyway, when reading through the archives of blog Neon Enlightenment I discovered a fascinating interview with British electro-pop outfit, We Have Band. As I had not heard of them I did a quick search and happened upon the video for “Divisive.” With colourful pops of yellow, wriggling human bodies shaped into the words of the lyrics and an infectious beat, it is one of those songs that immediately made me want to break into jumps and expressive hand movements.

Thankfully, I was in the privacy of my home at the time.

April 22, 2010