Le Corbusier and Cathedral Collage

This video was featured on archdaily last week and I was a little disappointed that all of the comments on the post were about how “useless” the video was. Maybe these naysayers would have enjoyed a video about waterproof membrane details better… or hair restoration… but I think they’re kind of missing the point. Clearly, this is not an objective narrative about the history of high gothic architecture as it relates to high modernism. No, no, no. While this video does use several photographs of historically significant buildings, I don’t think you could construe this video as being instructive. But just because the video doesn’t tell you the same things that wikipeida can doesn’t mean that it is useless.

…But maybe you agree with them.

The video’s creator is Rob Carter, who you may know from his band, Matchbox20. Just kidding. Rob is artist who was born in England and now lives and works in Brooklyn.

April 22, 2010