‘Gently Gently’ by Christopher Smith

I feel like miniatures are making quite a comeback these days with ideas like tilt shift videos or Christoph Niemann’s New York in Legos. Big ideas are made of small things? Anyhow, this video for Christopher Smith’s Gently Gently is about a little adventurer travelling through a snow globe world where he’s chased by a mysterious creature.

The video was directed by SALAZAR, the director of photography was Todd Duym, art direction by Hitoshi Okamoto and the assistant set decorator was Robin Hunt. You might remember SALAZAR as the creative team behind that weirdo Babe Rainbow video I posted about a month ago. If you’d like to see some of their behind the scenes photos you should click here.

Also, I’m guessing this video was inspired by Martin & Muñoz, the duo who make those disturbing snow globes. I think this is sort of evolution of their work, but it should definitely be pointed out that M&M did it first.

Found through Booooooom!


April 22, 2010