‘Breukelen’ by Ofa

I have never been to Brooklyn, but in my mind it possesses an almost mythic status and encapsulates everything that is holistically artistic, effortlessly cool and divergent from the mainstream. In his short film/documentary “Breukelen”, “Afropean” filmmaker Ofa brings to life the Brooklyn of my imagination.

Taking the viewer on a journey through the borough that follows different visual and audio transitions, Ofa’s short film is a captivating exploration of the area that gestures towards contrasting moods and atmospheres. Portraying various sides of the Brooklyn community, the completed film is, at times, poetic, downtempo and tinged with nostalgia, as well as vibrant, dynamic and bursting with energy. Producing a work that is simultaneously private and social, Ofa’s camera is a quiet observer that does not intrude into the action, but allows the borough to speak for itself.

April 22, 2010