Chocolate Editions by Mary & Matt

To be honest, I don’t need much coaxing to eat sweets, and when confronted with a bar of chocolate that literally invites me to take a bite, I feel it would be terribly impolite to not have a small nibble. Not that you need much convincing to eat one of the delicacies from Chocolate Editions by Mary & Matt.

Claiming that their products are “a celebration of the candy bar as a perfect pop object”, their chocolates are engraved with tongue-in-cheek statements such as “Eat Me” and “Sweet Thing.” As if that’s not enough, they transform the humble chocolate bar into an edible canvas with fields of colour that are reminiscent of Mark Rothko’s abstract paintings. Mary & Matt use quality ingredients to make chocolate bars that are miniature artworks, for both the eyes and the taste buds.

The featured chocolate bars are the Milk Bar (milk chocolate), the Chocolate Pie Chart (dark, milk and white chocolate), and the Neapolitan Bar (dark and white chocolate and natural strawberry ingredients). I discovered Mary & Matt’s chocolate bars through Third Drawer Down, but they also sell their products directly through their site.

April 21, 2010