Possible Inspiration for the Apple iPhone 4G

Upon seeing the photos of the new iPhone 4G (or whatever you wanna’ call it) I was immediately curious why the shape had suddenly changed so drastically. But knowing Jonathan Ive and how his brain works, you start to realize that Dieter Rams’ design ideas are some of the most basic building blocks of all modern day Apple products. So I did a little digging and came across the two images above from a Dieter Rams Flickr pool and I have to say that the resemblance is definitely there. Having one material wrap around another like that is a nice touch and I think that it’s a nice iteration to liven up the current slab that is the iPhone.

My only real beef with this design are the two, independent volume buttons. I really like the feeling of the current volume rocker and how it’s one piece of metal. I’d guess that it’s a little less intuitive to tell which button is which by simply touching. Clearly I haven’t found one of these lying around in a bar or anything, that’s just my feeling. Otherwise I’m pretty excited to see if this shape is the real shape or if they’re still in the design process, though I think either way people are gonna be excited.


April 20, 2010