How Much Longer Can I Wear Skinny Jeans?

How much longer can any of us wear skinny jeans? Even though it’s almost summer, I’m more likely to wear jeans than shorts. The past few pairs of jeans I’ve purchased have had increasingly wide leg openings. No, not anywhere near JNCO territory, but more of a slim, straight-legged denim pant. And this worries me. For one, I could not have been happier when skinny ┬ájeans started to trickle their way down the retail pipe. I am narrow, and my legs tend to float in wide leg pants like the clapper inside of a bell. Another reason I liked the trend? I was tired of seeing butt cracks in low-rise boot cut jeans.

But now I’m tired of seeing the contents of people’s pockets (to put it mildly). And while the wide-leg pants of yesteryear looked awkward on particular body types, the same is true about skinny jeans. So I’m asking for a prediction on how much longer I’ll be able to find slim-fitting jeans and how much longer I’ll be averting my eyes away from suffering anatomy. Do you plan on wearing skinny jeans much longer?

April 19, 2010