Video for ‘Splitting The Atom’ by Massive Attack

Massive Attack already has one of the best albums of 2010, and now they also might just have one of the raddest music videos as well. I know this video came out a month ago but I realized that I hadn’t watch it yet, and that was a dumb mistake. The video overall is pretty conceptual, taking place in what looks like a dark polygonal version of Los Angeles which is in the middle of some kind of war. Then you get to the giant rabbit… yeah. It’s a lot more epic and awesome then I’m making it sound, you should definitely watch the video in full screen to get the full effect.

The video was directed by a fella’ named Edouard Salier who looks like he’s been busy for the past few months by the looks of his Vimeo page. Lots of amazing stuff including the video for AIR’s So Light Is Her Footfall.


April 15, 2010