‘Ritual’ by Jeana Sohn

I’m sure that many readers will already be familiar with the work of LA-based artist Jeana Sohn. From her photograph series for the fourth volume of Lines & Shapes to her delicately illustrated egg sculptures to the fairy-tale landscapes of her paintings, Sohn infuses everything she creates with a haunting and dreamy quality. She has recently extended her artistic skills by using her Canon 7D to create short films and has been posting the results on her blog. In “Ritual”, her second attempt at filming, Sohn continues her thematic interest in nature and the manner in which people engage with their surroundings.

“Ritual” has a simple, organic and lo-fi quality that I really like. Using an instrumental piece of music from Jonathan Glazer’s film Birth, Sohn’s short film conjures a private space of wistful longing. Significantly, she has not tried to produce a strong narrative trajectory and has instead focused on making a work that captures feelings and sensations. Considering that Sohn has only recently started using moving picture as a form of artistic expression, I am really impressed by her stunning imagery, clever editing and seamless interplay between sound and visual.

I can only hope that she will continue her little cinematic wanders through nature.

April 15, 2010