Barry McGee at the SFMoMA

The Creative Lives have a nice little feature on Barry McGee and his 4th installation at the SFMoMA. Way back in 1996 Mr. McGee was the SECA Art Award winner and he was able to create a large scale mural in the MoMA which featured also featured smaller framed pieced and was then acquired into their permanent collection. Since then he’s reinstalled these pieces two more times and now in total for the fourth time in honor of the museum’s 75th anniversary retrospective.

I think it’s really nice that Barry’s work has become so well regarded and appreciated. I’ve been a big fan for a while now, probably since the late 90’s, and it feels like creatively he’s still on another level from most artists creating today. At the end of the video I love that he says that it doesn’t really matter where you show your work, that he’s just happy for people to be able to see it. I think that’s such a great point, that in the end it’s about getting people to see something cool that you made.


April 15, 2010