Video for ‘Laughing with a Mouth of Blood’ by St. Vincent

Based on first impressions, a performance by St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) in the cozy surroundings of a little bookstore would appear to be a delightful in-store event. Not so if the bookstore in question is Women For Women First and is under the managerial skills of feminists Toni and Candace, the fictional characters created by ThunderAnt comedy duo Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. Throughout her music video, poor St. Vincent is subjected to the kooky, disparaging, and just plain overbearing antics of Toni and Candace as she performs “Laughing with a Mouth of Blood”, the third single from Actor. And, really, it’s a wonder that they have let her play at all given their aversion to the majority of musical genres: “I don’t want to play anything that would be offensive to somebody or make somebody feel like they’re having sex.” It makes for a most charming and silly (in a good way) video collaboration for a gorgeous song.

April 14, 2010