Walker Art Center: Landscape Re-Mix Art Lab

In other projector-related news, The Walker Art Center has a flickr site, where I came across the above images. It’s a clever way to capture the image and the image-maker at the same time, and reminds me of old Polaroid photos of myself, age 7, proudly holding up loose assemblages of construction paper and glitter. More to the point of a “Landscape Re-Mix Art Lab,” the images, above, remind me of Yves Brunier, a French Landscape Architect whose career was cut short by AIDS.

If your high school math teachers were anything like mine, they sat behind a projector and worked equations until their hands turned the same color blue as the Vis-A-Vis markers they used. But the projectors never rolled their way into any classes where the projector itself could demonstrate the phenomena we were studying, and we never were permitted to “play” with the projector. But some kids in Minnesota are inadvertently learning about additive versus subtractive color, opacity, gestural lines and, oh yeah, landscape design.

April 13, 2010