‘Mirror, Mirror’ by Dr. Dog

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Mirror, Mirror by Dr. Dog

When I first heard the new Dr. Dog album, Shame, Shame, I wasn’t sure if I liked it as much as some of their older albums, but now I kinda’ feel like it’s one of their best yet. The album still sounds like what you’re used to, that sort of 70’s rock vibe that’s been channeled through a Beach Boys filter of poppy-ness.

I already posted Shadow People but I wanted to post another song mainly because I found the image above on the front of their website and wanted to post it… but this song is awesome. It’s a quickie, coming in at under 3 minutes but it’s should get your head boppin’ along and wake you up a bit! Prepare for more Dr. Dog on this week’s Mixcast, I saved the best for that!


April 12, 2010