Jackson Eaton

Western Australian photographer Jackson Eaton stated in a recent interview that his work is concerned with “the feeling of being an alien within a culture.” Having faced exile during three years living in Korea, Eaton translates the emotional experience of spatial and social estrangement in his series, new portraits for no-one. The subjects of these photographs are often lone figures who appear detached from their immediate surroundings, dreaming of another place of an absent person.

What I find so captivating about Eaton’s work is the manner in which his photographs evoke a fragile intimacy and gesture towards narratives that exist just beyond the frame of the composition. Sure, Eaton’s photographs are visually beautiful and somewhat quirky (I can’t help but wonder why that guy has buried his head in a mass of greenery), but they also lay bare universal emotions and moods, as he juxtaposes loneliness and displacement with hope and desire. In short, readers should definitely take a peek at his portfolio and his flickr.

April 12, 2010