Conrad Ventur

spinning crystal

refracted image

Conrad Ventur hangs rotating crystals in front of projectors. On their way to a wall, these images passing through the crystal pendants are refracted and multiplied, resulting in what I’d call a bee’s-eye-view of Shirley Bassey singing This is My Life. Clearly, I am not an art critic.

It’s easy to like Conrad Ventur’s work because it’s kitschy; I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy walking into a gallery and hearing Shirley Bassey? But behind the pastiche is a serious and well-considered construction of how to reprocess imagery. Conrad’s work has been exhibited in solo and group shows all over the place (New York, London, Rome, et cetera) but the press for his exhibition Fragments of Fame at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh is where I first heard about his work. Aside from being an installation artist, he also is a photographer and the founding editor of USELESS magazine.

April 12, 2010