‘The Gift’ by Erik Rinsch

This is one of the coolest short films I’ve seen in a while presented in one of the most obnoxious ways I’ve ever seen. Erik Rinsch is well know for his music videos and commercials, creating pieces like that robot doing parkour, has created his first short film which I think is exclusively for Phillips, thus the shitty TV around the video.

Anyhow, the video is called The Gift and is about a shady looking guy who delivers an ornately decorated gift to an old, rich house somewhere in Russia. I really don’t want to say anymore than that because the film is so short but incredibly detailed and amazing. The characters and costumes and robots created in this short are stunning, reminding me a lot of Neill Blomkamp in shear creativity and scope of vision. Over on /Film they’re already saying that there’s a bidding war for the rights so make this into a feature film, and it was only posted to YouTube yesterday! Big congrats to Mr. Rinsch on finding such sudden success and for bringing creativity to the screen, we need more directors like this.


April 8, 2010