‘Incarnation’ by Mark Ryden

I’ve been a big fan of Mark Ryden for a long time now, back when he painted nothing but meat, Abraham Lincoln and Christian Ricci-esque women… well, that hasn’t really changed over the last 10 years or so, but man is he still amazing. Recently he made this time-lapse video of himself working on a painting called Incarnation which features a woman in a meat dress (of course) standing in a beautiful garden.

It’s really awesome getting to watch him work, and what’s amazing to me is how quickly he seems to be working. From the look of it that painting took him about a week to produce. Obviously this doesn’t include the ideation or sketching part but it’s still cool that he creates these giant paintings so quickly. I also like that he drinks white wine the whole time, clearly I need to invest in a box of two buck Chuck (and then become an amazing artist).


April 8, 2010