Los Angeles, I’m Yours | A Call For Submissions

I know I’m asking for trouble by doing this, but… I’m currently working on an upcoming “art show” with my friends at Poketo called Los Angeles, I’m Yours, and we’re looking for some creative folks. If you live here in Los Angeles and can describe the things you make as hand crafted, homemade, or do-it-yourself, then I’d love to know more about it. Recognizing the unique creativity of this city is exactly what our show will be all about, so I’m excited to open things up like this.

Here are the requirements:

You must live in the greater Los Angeles area. San Diego is NOT Los Angeles, nor is Brazil or Helsinki. I love you all, but you must be an Angeleno to participate.

– You must make things that can be described as hand crafted, homemade, or do-it-yourself. You must also have these things on hand or produce within an extremely short time frame.

– Please don’t send me crafts. I don’t want to know about your oven mitts or cat houses or anything else you’d find at a craft fair. We’re looking for things that are out of the ordinary and are unique. Think Anthropologie, Heath Ceramics or an antique store.

If you think you fit this description please send an email with the title “Los Angeles, I’m Yours Submission” to thefoxisblack@gmail.com with a link to your items/stuffs. If you don’t have a site then a few small images are ok, but please don’t blow up my inbox or I’ll blow up your email : )

April 7, 2010