Ben Folds Does Chat Roulette While Playing Live

I’ve always been a big fan of Ben Folds, ever since his days in Ben Folds Five, I was definitely that kid being all emo (before it had a word like that) to Brick. Since then he’s left the band and been just fine doing his thing, but his live shows have always been one of the most successful things he’s ever done. Well, he just raised that bar.

During a recent concert Mr. Ben decided to hook up a computer and start up Chatroulette IN THE MIDDLE OF A SHOW. He plays to the person on the other end, commenting on what they’re wearing or any other little detail that might pop up. I laughed for pretty much the entire 5 minutes, it’s definitely the best use of Chatroulette I’ve seen so far.

Found through Buzzfeed


April 6, 2010