Video for ‘Humdrum Town’ by Theophilus London

Monday’s are the day for music so here’s a rad video by a fellow named Theopilus London. Mr. London is a Brooklyn rapper in the style of Kid Cudi and Kanye, fusing hip hop, straight up pop and electronic music, but with a way better name. The video is for his song Humdrum Town and features a retro, VHS style music video with him getting ready to mmet up with his girl, though he leaves her sitting a too long… will she wait?

I love the karaoke parts, where you have all these random folks singing the hook to the song. It’s totally awkward and hysterical. I also love his moto-scooter-thing, I think it’s awesome looking. Anyone have an idea of what it is?

Thanks for the tip Daan.


April 5, 2010