‘Dreams Where I Am Sleeping’ Video by Joel P West and The Tree Ring

Also yesterday I got an email from Joel P West, whom I mentioned way back on Kitsune Noir Mixcast No.012, letting me know that he and his band The Tree Ring had made a video for their new song Dreams Where I Am Sleeping. It’s a totally adorable video that they taped at a dog park, so there’s lots of cute pups running around as well as a giant bubble wand.

Watching a video like this, with such a phenomenal song, this is why I blog. This is why I love to share things with people, because when I watch and listen to this video I smile. Joel and his band make absolutely beautiful music and I can’t wait for them to record a proper album. Also big props to Dustin Cretton for doing such a wonderful job on the video, you totally captured those moments beautifully.


April 3, 2010