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Neverend: A Designer Clock Series with UPSO

I’m really happy to announce the second edition of Neverend, my little endeavor with Furni, and this month we’re proud to be working with UPSO. This is by far one of the most amazing clocks I’ve ever seen, but amazing in a different way from our first edition with Dan Funderburgh. This time the “face” of the clock is that of UPSO’s while the two parts of his mustache are the hands of the clock. We’ve also got two colorways yet again, this time around is a bright ass yellow, which is so very UPSO, as well as a natural version for the purists out there.

Here are the details:
– Limited edition of 88 / 44 natural & 44 yellow
– Measure 16″ high x 9″ wide / These are HUGE!
– Laser cut, black acrylic hands
– Solid birch body, handcrafted in Canada
– Battery operated
– Ships Globally

I have to give a big thanks to UPSO for making such an outrageous clock. I know I’m biased because I had something to do with this but I think this is so clever and amazing. You can get one for yourself for $198 and purchasing it in the Furni Online Shop.


Portugal. The Man Live at ‘Los Angeles, I’m Yours’

The fun of Los Angeles, I’m Yours continues tomorrow night from 7 to 10pm with a live performance by Portugal. The Man playing in the courtyard. If you’re a fan of their music or not you should come and see the show, cuz’ hey, they’re amazing and it’s totally free. We’ll also have the gallery open so if you missed the opening last week you should come on by and see what we’ve created.


MicroWorld by Alan Jaras

Alan Jaras is a rather unorthodox photographer who takes some rather extraordinary photos. A lot of his works deal with capturing light, which technically is all photography is, but I mean streaks of abstract, colored light. What really caught my eye though was this series he’s created called MicroWorld.

Using a scanning electron microscope he’s able to capture some of the smallest details of our world, which end up looking like tiny, strange worlds. This certainly isn’t new but he’s quite consistent with uploading new images, and well, they’re just rad to look at.

Found through Ian Coyle


I’d pay to visit you on rainy Sundays

Anyone who has watched Jean-Luc Godard’s new wave classic Band of Outsiders will no doubt remember the scene where Claude Brasseur, Sami Frey and Anna Karina run through the Louvre in an attempt to break the record of the quickest visit to the museum. Their joyous escapade undermines all of the unspoken conventions of visiting a gallery, and it is moments such as these that are collected in I’d pay to visit you on rainy Sundays, a tumblelog that celebrates the unassuming and delightful details of museum culture.

Collating items such as hate mail that primary school students have addressed to museum directors, images of Clara Charlotte‘s Museum of Small Things, visual references to galleries in film and art, as well as interior views of museums from around the world, I’d pay to visit you on rainy Sundays is a miniature, albeit virtual, museum in and of itself.

Conversely, it is also an excellent activities guide. Might I suggest that, if you’re at a bit of a loose end this weekend, you consider curating your own museum collection in the style of this idea…or maybe you could just dash manically through a gallery. Both options sound equally appealing to me.

U.S. Currency Redesign by Michael Tyznik

Last Thursday I posted this video showing the redesign if the $100 bill here in the U.S. and the proceeded to talk about how horrible it was. To my surprise there were a lot of commenters who seemed to think that the idea of security and beauty were two concepts that couldn’t live together, which kind of baffled me.

In response I’m posting these currency redesigns by Michael Tyznik, who I think did an amazing job of bridging the gap between design and potential security. His design includes ideas like a holographic strip, which not only makes it easier to tell the bills apart easier but could also be filled with a bevy of security features, I would assume. Inside the strip there are also embossed dots for the sight-impaired, something that current currency definitely doesn’t take into consideration.

This in my mind couldn’t be any better looking. It’s simple and bold while still giving a nod to the history of money in America. If you’ve happened to notice that there’s a lack of $1 you’re right, Michael suggests doing away with the $1 all together and replacing them with coins instead as it only has an average lifespan of 21 months. Kinda interesting, huh?


Spring Stripes and Greys

I noticed a bit of a trend lately with the clothes I’ve been buying, a lot of stripes and a lot of greys. I’d say that most of my button up shirts are pretty brightly colored, but as of lately I’ve been preparing for spring/summer to descend and this is the palette that’s begun to appear. Here’s a list of where you can grab these.

Clockwise from top left:

1 | Hardy Long Sleeve Shirt in Grey and White by Cheap Monday

2 | Marled Grey Jaspé Jersey V-neck Tee by J.Crew

3 | Light Mist Stripe “Tenan” Long Sleeve Henley by Shades of Greige

4 | Cotton Chambray Shorts by Crate Denim

5 | Alex Striped White and Grey T-shirt by Cheap Monday


‘Speed of Light’ by United Visual Artists

When it comes to art installations featuring light displays there are few people more creative then the force known as UVA, aka United Visual Artists. Their already huge body of brilliant work has now been expanded with this new project sponsored by Virgin Media called Speed of Light.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of broadband in UK Virgin tasked UVA with creating an installation in a run down old house that would embody the idea of the speed of the internet. So the folks at UVA turned to lasers, a LOT of lasers, to transform the space along with some amazing sound design that would allow visitors to interact every every step of the way.

Just watching the videos above you can see how absolutely detailed they got, like asking people questions with the lasers and then using their vocals later in the space and visualizing their voice patterns in laser form… you still following me? Watch the videos above and prepare to get your mind blown.


‘Very Mary-Kate’

While browsing over on Vimeo earlier in the week I came across this amazing video series called Very Mary-Kate which was created by Elaine Carrol. The series follows the (fake) life of Mary-Kate Olsen who decides to move out of her apartment with her sister and strike out on her own.

The series so far is on it’s 19th episode as of this afternoon but so far I’ve found myself laughing pretty damn hard at all of them. I’ve posted my two favorite above, one where she goes on a blind date with Zac Effron and the second she has a bad dream so she visits Body Guard (her body guard) and talks to an evil dragon.

The first few episodes are definitely early on in her character development but she’s now absolutely nailing this weird character. My favorite part is how she holds her face and the slightly odd accent she carries. Anyhow I’d suggest you go watch all the episodes in order if you enjoy the two above.