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Whoops, #musicmonday on a Tuesday, whatcha’ gonna’ do? This week there wasn’t a whole lot of new stuff, mostly just familiar things. The number one spot by a large lead was Caribou and his new album Swim. As I mentioned on the post of his new video for the song Odessa it’s an amazing album that I think is going to blow up. I don’t know how you can’t enjoy this album.

I’m still enjoying the heck out of The Go Find as well, their music is just so poppy and fun and perfectly suitable for any time. Rounding things out was a new band I found through my friend Chris called White Hinterlands, which I’m still getting into, and of course Casiokids who’ve won my heart over.

I also have been digging the new She & Him Volume Two which you can stream over on NPR. It’s rad that NPR keeps getting these exclusives, it’s a nice way to premiere an album.

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Magic: The Designinging – A Contest

Earlier tonight I sent my buddy Frank Chimero an IM that simply said,

“Idea: Make a deck of Magic: The Gathering cards based around current and classic designers.”

His response:

“i’m tapping 7 mana to summon josef muller brockmann

And with that we decided to create a contest where you, the reader, should design a Magic: The Gathering card for your favorite artist/designer/architect. Frank and I are both nerds and played magic when we were younger, so this is our tribute to this fine sport.
Here’s the gist:

– They can be dead or alive.
– Their Mana needs to be their country of origin or where they currently reside, the choice is yours. As you can see Josef is Swiss powered. You design what you think is rad.
– You must create original artwork for this. I made that whole damn card, except for Mr. Brockmann’s portrait which was done by Frank, in like 3 hours, so no whining.
– Make it funny. This is a stupid contest, so be creative and have fun!
– All designs should be 8″ wide at 72 DPI so it fits in the blog nicely.

The deadline for this little contest is Saturday, March 20th at Midnight PST. Frank and I will be judging these Sunday and then announce the winners on Monday. The winner will receive some Frank Chimero posters or maybe some of the weird crap he’s been buying lately like this pipe smoking viking. No matter what we promise it’ll be cool shit.

Please send all entries to with the title Magic: The Designinging. Failure to do so may get you kicked out of the contest and all that jazz.

Happy designing and if you have any questions just leave them in the comments.

Bobby + Frank

P.S. We have no affiliation with Wizards of the Coast. Please don’t sue us.

‘Parallel World’ by Ji Lee

I’m really enjoying these tiny installation by artist Ji Lee as a part of a series he calls Parallel World. What’s funny to me is that Ji works at Google as the creative director of branding and marketing, so it’s rad to see a tech person be so artistic… or is an artistic person that’s quite comfortable with technology? Either way he’s got a ton of great work on his personal site Please Enjoy, which you should probably…. enjoy.

Found through T Magazine


Oliver Spencer Waxed Cotton Pole Jacket

I had a fellow write me yesterday saying he enjoyed more of the style related posts, that he wasn’t so hot at dressing himself, so I thought I might start including a few more clothing related posts throughout the week. Though for the best style advice you should visit my friends at A Continuous Lean, Valet, Inventory Magazine and Selectism.

What I have today is a pole jacket by Oliver Spencer, a British brand that reminds me a lot of J.Crew, in that they make really solid, timeless looking pieces that you can wear forever and with anything. Both of those ideas are key. The jacket is a waxed cotton so it’s a bit lighter than a winter coat and has a zipper and buttons, which make for a nice detail on the front of the coat. I’m digging the pockets as well, I’d totally stash my iPhone in one of those top ones.

The jacket, painfully, is priced upwards of $400. But the way to think about pieces like this is that they’re extremely well made with great materials. So instead of buying four $100 dollar jackets over four years you can buy one that will last you 10 to 20 years. And it’s got such a timeless look to it that unless we start wearing some sort of future clothing, you’ll always be in style.


Caribou’s New Video for ‘Odessa’

For the last 3 days I’ve been listening to the new Caribou album Swim pretty much non-stop. It’s kinda of a departure since his last album Andorra back in 2007 but it’s an absolute welcome change. I feel like he’s got this synthesis of LCD Soundsystem, Animal Collective and Junior Boys, but with a splash of Flaming Lips Embryonic weirdness as well.

This is the first song and first single off the album called Odessa which will definitely make some people instant fans. The video is a dreamy haze so watch it full screen to enjoy it completely. The video itself was directed by Video Marsh, who can you find out more about by clicking here.


Crush the Castle

A couple weeks ago I was going to try and start putting up more fun games to play on the weekends so here’s one that I had a blast playing a few months back. It’s called Crush the Castle, the premise of which is to crush… the… castle. You have a trusty trebuchet and fling things at the castle like rocks, bigger rocks and bombs. I’ve been playing a game on my iPhone lately called Angry Birds which is a lot like this and possibly even more fun.

One thing I love about this game are the sounds. There’s the clinking of the metal and wood as you smash things but the best part are the people screaming, which reminds me of a Monty Python film. Sorry if you don’t get anything else done with the rest of your Sunday.


Kitsune Noir Mixcast / No.028

First off I wanted to say sorry for not releasing a Mixcast last week. Like I’ve said here and there, real life got in the way, and I’m trying my hardest to stay consistent with everything. That said, this week’s Mixcast is a diverse mix of new and not-so-new stuff and I think you’ll like what you hear.

I’d also like to hear your suggestions on a theme next week in the comments. If you can, please refrain from asking for a mix full of covers. Yes I know everyone loves these but I find them kind of boring, sorry! Anyhow, suggest away.

Here’s this week’s tracklist:
Change of Time by Josh Ritter
Sun by Caribou
Finn Bikkjen! by Casiokids
Empire Ants by Gorillaz
Around Us by Jónsi
Go Outside by Cults
Round and Round by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Leftovers by Jarvis Cocker
Range Life by Pavement
I Have Nothing by Noah and the Whale
Bankrupt on Selling by Modest Mouse


‘They Had Faces Then’ by In Silent Movies

I haven’t shared any of my personal work in a while so I thought I’d show you this album art I created about a month ago. It was for a band called In Silent Movies, a little band from Ohio that wrote me out of the blue and asked if I’d be interested in creating artwork for their album. I took a listen to their MySpace page, liked what I heard, and decided to take on the project.

They liked the style I already had and let me go in any direction I wanted. Listening to their songs there was definitely a nautical feeling to it that I wanted to play up. Overall I went with some older images of captains and boat crashes and women falling off of cliffs. Just looking at the tracklist you can see that I was playing with certain ideas, so you get a good sense of what you’re getting into musically.

I also tried to tie things together with color, so you have this big splashes of red that catch your eye on each image. For the title I just wrote out the name and surprisingly it turned out pretty well. Funny enough I cropped out the guys face before I knew the name of the album, which is They Had Faces Then. It was a happy accident that was clearly meant to be.

I’d suggest you take a listen to their music and if you like what you hear buy their CD and get some of my art at the same time (shameless plug).


The Panic Status Board

Having an entire board dedicated to statistics based around your business is such a rad idea, and Panic has created a beautiful monster called the Panic Status Board. What they’ve done is created a way to track all of the major things they do, like emails to return, their status on products and even a feed of their Twitter updates.

This seems like something every person could use. Imagine if you had a board like this to keep track of your life? Sure, you could say that we have things like computers and iPhones that do that kind of stuff, but I like that this board is dedicated to just certain statistics. Imagine if it kept track of the contents of your fridge, or when your bills are due, or when to pick up your kids from their playdate, so on and so forth. An entire board dedicated to keeping track of your life.


’70 Million’ by Hold Your Horses!

I was sent this music video last week by a reader and since then I’ve seen it totally explode all over the place, and rightfully so. The folks over at L’Ogre have created a great video for the band Hold Your Horses! and their song 70 Million. The video features the band dressed up in costumes and in scenery that mimics classic paintings. You’ve got Renoir and Picasso and all those guys represented, and it’s amazing that they were able to get the lighting on these so right. Plus, the song itself is pretty good as well, I’d love to hear more.