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‘I Feel Better’ by Hot Chip

I’ve been a big fan of the new Hot Chip album One Life Stand and this video for the song I Feel Better has to be one of the most ridiculous but amazing music videos I’ve seen in a very long time. It starts out by mocking a boy band concert, then some bald, glowing prophet floats in to the shock/horror/amazement of the fans. But then the starts destroying the guys with… ok this is just too insane. Seriously you need to just watch this video and be prepared to laugh. This is absurdity at it’s finest.

Anyone know who the bald dude is?
I’m guessing it’s some dude only English people know.


‘Crush With Eyeliner’ by R.E.M.

For whatever reason I was thinking about more awesome songs from the 90’s when the classic R.E.M. jam Crush With Eyeliner popped into my head. I’m pretty sure that this, along with What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?, was one of the last great jams from R.E.M., or at least that I can recognize.

I’m pretty sure I remember hearing that the song was written about Courtney Love, and if you listen to the lyrics they certainly fit. I didn’t realize it but Spike Jonze directed this video, and I remember watching it and being so confused that there was a Japanese dude singing instead of a skinny bald dude. Also of note is that Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth sings the back up vocals in the chorus.

What’s also kind of funny to think about is how stuff like this probably influenced Sophia Coppola in writing Lost in Translation, since the movie is basically about her and Spike’s relationship. I can totally imagine her sitting in a hotel in Tokyo while Spike ran around the city shooting crazy videos like this.

Such a rad song that I think kind of goes overlooked in the epic R.E.M. back catalog.


‘Skynet Symphonic’ by Pogo

A couple months back Pogo, master of splicing old movies into new musical pieces, released Skynet Symphonic, his tribute to the movie Terminator 2. This is his first non-children’s movie I believe and one of his best, in my opinion. I’m still absolutely impressed that he can create songs from nothing but sounds from these films but the editing involved in these videos as well must be quite a process.

If you’ve never seen any of Pogo’s other videos you may have been living under a rock, and you should probably click here to see the rest of his work. Be sure to start with Alice.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project presents Diego Soprano

The Desktop Wallpaper Project presents Diego Soprano

Diego Soprano

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I don’t have a themed wallpaper (not necessarily a bad thing) but I thought that this was still a fitting image. Today’s wallpaper comes from Diego Soprano, an Italian artist living in Milan and creating all kinds of weird/awesome art. You might remember this post about Studio Fantastico, the name he designs under, from last September and the James Dean image in specific. I’ve been a big fan of what he’s doing so I was stoked when he wrote me asking if he could contribute to the project.

I’m not 100% sure what’s going on in this image, but I totally love it. It’s warm and inviting and weird, all the best things in life. It’s kind of like if aliens invaded on the nicest day in summer. Be sure to check out the iPhone one as well, it’s a gem.

Zhou Fan

I don’t come across Chinese artists that often so I was stoked to see these crazy illustrations by Zhou Fan. I’m in love with his style, these bizarre, ultra-detailed pieces and that fact that he uses neons like he does just makes these even better. It’s kind of like you took the styles of Geoff Darrow, Takashi Murakami and Yayoi Kusami and threw them all into the blender. Totally beautiful and crazy stuff, I would love to see these in person.


Bee Combs

I came across this image by Bee Combs calle Excavation and instantly fell in love with it. The idea alone is genius, essentially taking apart the pieces that make up our world and then laying them out in layers. His execution though is spot on, you instantly know what this piece is trying to convey and it’s beautifully done. Funny enough you can also get this design as a t-shirt over on Threadless.

Bee’s got a lot more great work as well like these redesigned tabloids which I liked quite a bit.

Found through The Fieldworker


Bridge & Burn Alda Jacket

I got an email from the folks over at Bridge & Burn (such a rad name) letting me know that they’d released a new collection of men’s and women’s jackets, and one in particular definitely caught my eye. It’s called the Alda and has a nice cropped fit as well as a great red gingham lining.

I’ve been looking for a khaki jacket lately and this is pretty much everything I want. I also really like the price, which is only $135, much easier to swallow than that awesome Oliver Spencer jacket.


The PS22 Chorus Sings ‘Lisztomania’ by Phoenix

About 10 years ago or so I remember hanging out at a Border’s, listening to random music on those headphones they had and stumbling across a reord called The Langley Schools Music Project. It was a collection of kids from 1966-67 who were singing pop songs by David Bowie, The Beach Boys and other popular artists like them. It’s a brilliant record because it’s so amazing how different a song can sound when it’s sung by children.

This video above reminds me of that. The group is called the PS22 Chorus and they’re singing Lisztomania by Phoenix. Watching this totally gives me chills, it just sounds so beautiful. I also love that these kids are so into the song, they’re all just rocking out to it. These kids are the real life Glee.

Thanks to David for the tip.